Tears of Sakura / Sakura no Namida
Elegy to Japan in memoriam March 11th
for solo violin and orchestra
to Simon Bernardini
Premiere in Osaka, November 28th 2011
Simon Bernardini, violin
Osaka Kyoiku University Orchestra
Yannick Paget

All the royalties (performance and broadcast) of Tears of Sakura will be donate to
Momo-Kaki Orphans Fund, an orphan's fund for children who lost their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake, established by renown artists such as architect Tadao Ando and conductor Seiji Ozawa.
Score and parts are freely at disposal on request.


Original version: Vn-str -7mn-

-for orchestra only:

-for solo violin, orchestra and choir: von-SATB-str

-for solo violin and smaller orchestra von-str

-for string quartet

-for violin and piano
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Broadcasted in America
on Performance Today (American Public Media) by Fred Child
in October 2012
Broadcasted in France
on France Musique
by Anne-Charlotte Rémond
Le concert de l'après-midi
March 11th 2013
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When I started to compose this piece after the hearthquake and the tsunami, my head was filled of pictures from the disaster : field of ruins and desolation. It was supposed to be the beginning of the spring when sakuras are so beautiful in Japan, but, winter was still going on. Instead of the white rain of petal of Sakura, it started to snow ; the trees seemed to be crying.
Yannick Paget
Yannick Paget
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Broadcasted in France
on France Inter
by Frédéric Lodéon
Carrefour de Lodéon
in March 2012